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Primary School Social Skills Curriculum . We have created a very comprehensive social skills curriculum aimed at children from Primary...

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One of our many visions is to empower Nigerian students and young people to be able to compete successfully with their counterparts...


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We also offer training in the following areas- Corporate Specialised Training Solutions Whatever the individual skill...


Aston & McHugh was founded in 2011 primarily to train and educate children, youth, teenagers, and students on areas of soft and social skills development to help equip them thoroughly in order to successfully face the challenges of life as well as overcome the personal challenges that hinder them from reaching their maximum potential especially in the area of their profession.

Employers today are not only seeking those Students who have outstanding academics, they seek people who are confident, bold, responsible, creative, innovative and tolerant of peoples differences. They also seek young people who are confident and can overcome self-esteem difficulties, people who are self-motivated, creative, and have a strong work ethic, able to think for themselves, take initiative, communicate well, be leaders, set goals, get along with others, solve problems and be able to make sound solid decisions.