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We also offer training in the following areas-

Corporate Specialised Training Solutions

Whatever the individual skill needs, objectives and requirements are, our consultants can design well thought out tailor-made programmes to meet them. Such bespoke training courses will offer your esteemed organisation immense cost-reduction and content-adaptation benefits.

Some of the training we typically provide in this area which may be of interest are set out in Table 1 below.

Table 1 – Aston & McHugh Corporate Services

Management Training

• Project Management
• Motivational Leadership and Building Successful Teams
• Change Management
• Delegation skills
• Motivation
• Persuasion and Creativity Skills
• Problem Solving
• Giving Feedback
• Supervisory skills
• Effective Communication Skills
• Developing Leadership Skills
• Interview Techniques
• Change Management
• Negotiation Skills
• Influencing Skills
• Assertiveness and Negotiation
• Coaching & Mentoring

Personal Development

• Emotional Intelligence
• Advanced Time Management
• Report Writing
• Business Communication & Presentation Skills
• Conflict Management
• Handling Difficult people
• Influencing people

Human Resources

• Interview Skills
• Performance management
• Train the Trainer
• Conducting Interviews
• Stress Management

Sales & Marketing

• Customer service management
• Advanced Customer Care
• Sales Skills
• Telephone Skills
• Marketing Skills
• Business Networking
• Handling Complaints

All of these are transferable within different companies and industry sectors and are based on established best practice in the UK. Please note that if you require a training which is not on the list, we will create one according to your needs.

Teacher Training Packages

Aston & McHugh provides Continuing Professional Development Training programs for teachers and schools. We have programs for all different levels of Teachers within a school. Some of the programs we provide focus on the following subject areas –

  • Creating the Dream School – Developing a radical curriculum
  • Phonetics/Diction
  • Developing an enterprise culture
  • Building an effective Mentoring Community
  • Developing Confident School Leaders
  • Implementing Positive Behaviour Management in the Classroom
  • School Office Reception Skills for Frontline Staff
  • Raising Standards Through the Mentoring of Young People
  • Leading Outstanding Teaching Within Your School
  • Leading Professional Development in your School
  • Health & Safety – Being safe & management of common school emergencies
  • Classroom displays & Classroom decorations to aid the learning process
  • Handling difficult and challenging students
  • Classroom management
  • The Positive Class
  • Motivating and getting the best out of your students.


These programmes will be taught by Mr Sladdin who is one of our UK Educational Consultants at Aston & McHugh. He offers a range of training models used in the United Kingdom and around the world, providing ways of improving school outcomes and adding to the academic curriculum.