About Us

Aston & Mchugh is an international educational consultancy specialising in education, corporate & youth training, content development, UK school selection, Educational UK tours and many more.Established in 2011, we have spent the past few years creating and providing top quality training to businesses, governments, corporations, universities and individual students worldwide. We offer our clients a diverse mix of custom-made services, which are specifically tailored to exactly meet each and every one of their needs.For corporate firms, we offer training solutions in any area that is of interest to the client. We have a wide range of consultants that are experienced in many different areas. Our services range from managerial training, soft skills and interpersonal training, project management, customer service and many more areas.

For students as well, we offer training solutions in many areas like soft skills, starting a business, life after school and many more useful areas. As all of our services are bespoke and unique to the client, we are able to cater to a wide variety of requests. If you have an education or training need which we haven’t specifically mentioned, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or requests.


Our vision at Aston & McHugh is to be the world class training consultants who facilitate developing key skills in order for our clients to be able to reach their maximum potential thereby improving their productivity in their life and in the work place.
Our trainers will aim to deliver the following:

  • Encourage the development of these soft , social and performance enhancing skills which ensure success in coping with today’s competitive world.
  • For the youths, on completion of the Halcyon training program, we would ensure that the fluency of these life skills are constantly stimulated by assisting the users develop practical and usable post-training development plans.